Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lent Season: Renewal

As you all know it is the time of Lent Season leading up to our Easter Holiday. It is a time for fasting, praying, and growing a closer relationship with God. Lent is for 40 days and starts after "Fat Tuesday." Lent starts on Ash Wednesday. It is a great way to just clear your mind and your body of distractions, clutter, and everything has been weighing you down constantly.

Personally, I have never participated in Lent. I decided this year that I wanted too try it. I developed a relationship and have known Christianity since a young child. As an adult, I am focused on building a better relationship with God. He is the ultimate power and savior of my life.

So, what I have done for lent is

1. I write down WHAT I AM THANKFUL FOR EVERYDAY in my notes. I did this because some times we get so caught up in what we don't have, where we are and where we should be instead of taking a moment to be THANKFUL for all GOD has given us.

2. I am reading a DAILY BIBLE PLAN that is called Preparing Our Hearts for Easter: A Lenten Devotional which is a 40 day plan. It helps me to study and apply the word of the Bible to my life. It draws me closer to God in the moments where I am seeking him and can take the time to just focus on what he says we should do in our life.

3. I cut out Social Media one day a week. I refrain from even logging into it. Social media can hinder us and really take our eyes off of the prize we have for ourselves because we log on to view everyone else's daily life.

There are many things that people sacrifice and give up during this time such as meats, alcohol, sweets and so forth. It's a time to sacrifice. Each week I want to try and add something else to my list or change it up. And being honest with you all, some people dive right in and then lose their momentum halfway. I wanted to start with something that I knew I could take on first.

I also looked up a few things before doing this and found some really great resources which I loved from :

FASTING: Some people have been known to go without food for days. But that's not the only way to fast. You can fast by cutting out some of the things in your life that distract you from God. Some Christians use the whole 40 days to fast from candy, tv, soft drinks, cigarettes or meat as a way to purify their bodies and lives. You might skip one meal a day and use that time to pray instead. Or you can give up some activity like worry or reality tv to spend time outside enjoying GodÕs creation. What do you need to let go of or "fast" from in order to focus on God? What clutters your calendar and life? How can you simplify your life in terms of what you eat, wear or do?
SERVICE: Some Christians take something on for Christ. You can collect food for the needy, volunteer once a week to tutor children, or work for reform and justice in your community. You can commit to help a different stranger, co-worker or friend everyday of Lent. Serving others is one way we serve God.
PRAYER: Christians also use Lent as a time of intentional prayer. You can pray while you walk, create music or art as a prayer to God, or savor a time of quiet listening. All can be ways of becoming more in tune with God.

Christians from many different traditions celebrate Lent. How will you use the time to grow closer to God?


10. Try an electronic fast. Give up TV, Guitar Hero, texting, tweeeting, e-mail and all things electronic for one day every week. (or everyday of Lent!) Use the time to read & pray.
9. Start a prayer rhythm. Say a prayer every time you brush your teeth, hear an ambulance, or check your e-mail. Before you text someone, pray for them.
8. Read one chapter in the Bible each day. (Matthew's a good book to start with. Psalms, too.)
7. Forgive someone who doesn't deserve it (maybe even yourself.)
6. Give up soft drinks, fast food, tea or coffee. Give the money you save to help folks in Haiti or others in crisis.
5. Create a daily quiet time. Spend 30 minutes a day in silence and prayer.
4. Cultivate a life of gratitude. Write someone a thank you letter each week and be aware of how many people have helped you along the way.
3. Be kind to someone each day.
2. Pray for others you see as you walk to and from classes or drive to and from work.
1. Volunteer one hour or more each week with a local shelter, tutoring program, nursing home, prison ministry or aHabitat for Humanity project.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hairstyle Gone Wrong: Fail!

Before I even let you view the pictures I have to tell you that you are going to holler when you see this failed attempt. Remember when I told you all a few posts down that I was going to try the crochet hairstyle? Let me tell you how horrible it was... Well let me show you the pictures first and you will see...

So I thought I really had something going after I installed the cold perm rods in right! 
But wait let me show you how I was a lioness after the initial install.
And then the final product of a Poodle *covers eyes* 

It was just horrible. I was so upset that I took it right out. Mind you I stayed up until 1:00a.m and woke up with a pounding headache all for it to turn out to look like this. Where did I go wrong? 

Have you all had a style that went so left field you didn't know what to do? Did you revive it or just take it down? 

I've been on a no heat journey and I was gunning for 3 months. After the failed attempt I straightened my hair because I did not want to deal with the long process of another protective style and this is what I'm looking like now. 

I feel so much better :) lol.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lifestyle| You Can't SATISFY EVERYONE!

 Have you checked out the latest video on my Channel? Do you seem to get overwhelmed or beat yourself up when you feel like someone is not pleased with you. Have you ever took into consideration that no matter how hard you try or what you do, YOU CAN'T PLEASE EVERYONE?!

Let me Hear your Thoughts on this! 

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Lipstick Style Alert: Bucket Handbag

Over the past few weeks one handbag that has been catching my attention has been The Bucket Handbag. It's trendy, chic and I love the strap for more comfort on those days where you are busy doing a lot of running around.

It seems that the colors are limitless when it comes this bag. Not only the color, but also you can purchase the bag in a variety of styles and prints.

I'm a fan of large handbags that usually you wear over the arm but sometimes the style can be annoying. So, when I can find comfort and chic mixed in one I AM ALL FOR IT HONEY!

This bag to me can be paired well with your favorite denim boyfriend jeans, a nice white chiffon top and your sexy heels all while out on the town for a lunch date with the boo or a shopping trip with the ladies.

Will you be adding this bag to your closet for Spring? Let me know....

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Get Chic': Faux Sexy Hairstyle

You ever had the urge for a NEW Hairstyle but didn't have the guts to really do it?

 I've always been a risk-taker when it came to my hair and I usually cut it once a year. Since, the natural and healthy hair journey I have left it alone besides getting my ends trimmed when needed. 

I've been seeing this Natural Hair Tapered Cut on many Youtubers and I freaking' adore it so much. Getting bored with my hair, I was thinking what style should I try next? Yesterday I came across this video on Curly Nikki and jumped for joy. 

The youtuber goes by the name AskPRoy and she shows you how to get the Faux Tapered Fro without actually cutting your hair. I am so excited and will be trying this as my next hairstyle.

You Love Or What? *Squeals***

Image result for lips & Love, Erica.

Beauty: E.L.F Skincare Line

Raving about skincare is a Big Beauty Obsession that I have. Healthy skin is very important whether you wear makeup on a daily basis or not. And, if you do wear makeup having healthy skin is the foundation for a beautiful enhanced face.

So you wonder what's in store for the affordable brand and the skin care line that will be launching very soon. I have a few deets from visiting the E.L.F. website. And, if you do not know what the letters stands for, it is Eyes, Lips, Face. I am a true fan on this drugstore brand. They have products that are of amazing quality for half the price of name brand items. Here are some of the items I can't wait to try out. 4 of the items will be shipping in February and are already available for pre-order.

Illuminating Eye Cream The Illuminating Eye Cream $10.00 It will be an item to help reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles. Ingredients include Jojoba, Vitamin E, Cucumber and Purified Water.

Exfoliating Scrub Exfoliating Scrub, $8.00.  An exfoliate is always great to remove the dead skin cells and create a healthy glow.
Nourishing Night CreamNourishing Night Cream $12.00, What girl doesn't want a product working overnight on her skin so she wakes up with a refreshed and rejuvenated glow. This product also has aloe, vitamin e, and cucumber.

There are many more items on the list that I can't wait to get my hands on. I'm hoping to have the entire line. Hey, Why Not?? The spring and summer will be approaching soon, and I love minimum makeup. like they say "Summer Bodies are made in the Winter", Treat your skin the same way.

Let me know if you are a fan of E.L.F and what products you will be trying....

Image result for lips& Love, Erica....

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

First Impressions: Product Review

Concealers are a must-have in your makeup stash. WHY? They are perfect for those sleepless nights, to cover imperfections, and for minimal everyday wear. 

I am a fan of concealers, not only for under eye highlight but for color and correction as well. I have been on a hunt for a corrector concealer and since I have yet to purchase MAC Corrector Palette I decided to give another brand a shot. Well, I went to Target and purchased two second to none concealers from Iman Cosmetics

Shades Purchased: Clay Medium & Medium Deep.

Now before I get into my opinion, I want to say that I love how the brand has so many shades for women like myself. They have shades for women of a darker complexion. The brand also has a variety of products that you don't have to look anywhere else for this bb cream and that powder and can stick with them for a full face.

The makeup is very lightweight and can be used just by itself. 
It is very affordable and can be found in many cosmetic stores such as Target and Ulta.
I love concealer pots because you can get out just enough without squeezing out too much with the tubes.

It does not meant for anyone who wants to conceal or correct. (Well, not for me.) If you are looking for a heavier consistency then I would not recommend this concealer. 

I am still on the hunt for a great brand. I love MAC's Concealers and LA Pro but what are some other brands that you love?? 



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