Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 7: Lipstick & Love Happiness Challenge, COMPLETE!

We are closing out the weekend and I am ending my Seven Days of Happiness Challenge. But it does not end here today because this is only the beginning. Each month I will start the challenge again for seven days and I hope that more people will join me. Not only to empower ourselves but to inspire others as well. 

Tough times do come but they do not last, but Tough People do. We can't wait for happiness in our obstacles or when circumstances arise, WE HAVE TO CREATE HAPPINESS EACH DAY! Clear your mind of clutter, sweep out all of those negative thoughts and speak only of happiness. 

Happiness will be achieved! 

Lipstick & Love, 

Xoxo Erica 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 6: Lipstick & Love Happiness Challenge

What's up, What's up? It's Day 6 party people and it's the freaking weekend. While typing this post I feel a sense of joy!  I can't believe I've been this consistent in my Seven days of Happiness Challenge. By consistent I mean posting to my social network sites and creating happiness with every ounce of my even through tough times and challenges. I'm proud of myself. Today is dedicated to ME! I create my Happiness, I can't depend on anyone else to do that for me or I will constantly be let down. 

I woke up and put positive words and thoughts in the universe and I will continue to speak them into existence constantly. 

Enjoy your weekend loves! 

Lipstick & Love, 

Xoxo Erica 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 5: Lipstick & Love Happiness Challenge

Today was a better day, let's just say Thank God For Friday's. I'm going to be short and sweet with my happiness post. 

My happiness is dedicated to my parents. I am blessed to still have an active mother and father in my life, and to still have healthy living parents. They have been the mold of my being. My parents have instilled so much in me. My childhood was amazing, filled with such worthy values and morals. I love these people because they made me who I am today. 

Lipstick & Love, 

Xoxo, Erica 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lipstick & Love Happiness Challenge: Day 4

I'm here laying on my couch thinking to myself that I'm a tad bit late getting this post up. Today has been very busy but nonetheless, better late than never. 

It's Day 4 and I dedicate my happiness to LOVE! I dedicate it to my other half. My relationship has been one of the best things that has happened to me and I'm appreciative of the love we both have. It's not easy at all times, but nothing worth having comes easy and I'm all for the fight of unconditional love. My other half pushes me to my limits, he genuinely cares and he is always there to count on. He has made me into a better person. 

It's weird that most people contribute the woman to making the guy a better man but what's amazing is I met the better man who has helped me to become a better woman. I'm getting all mushy here now. 

What did you dedicate your day 4 too? 

Lipstick & Love, 

Xoxo Erica 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lipstick and Love Happiness Challenge: Day 3

It's Day 3 and I could not be more honest with you all. My spirit is flustered right now due to my career role, and other minor factors. I'm pushing through Happiness. They say when it rains it pours and I feel like thunderstorms are pouring on my parade. Please direct me to the sunshine!! 

I dedicate Day 3 of my Happiness to me because even when I feel in such a rut I know that happiness can be achieved and I promise you I won't stop until I feel pure bliss! 

At times we pretend that we are happy, everything looks amazing on the outside but on the inside we are crying aloud. But if we only know that these times are momentarily it gives us pleasure to look towards happiness greater than ourselves. 

Let me know how your day is going so far.... 

Lipstick & Love,

Xoxo Erica 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lipstick & Love Happiness Challenge: Day 2

So Day 2 has arrived and all I want is Happiness not only for myself but for everyone else as well. With that being said, I THINK ITS TIME TO BE HAPPY AGAIN!! 

Today I am most happy for my struggles. They've made me stronger. I'm happy for my change, it has made me wiser. I think back to the old me and and say WOW! I love the new me. I'm far more settled and    Structured than before. My relationship has made a tremendous impact on my lifestyle. I have someone who pushes me sometimes more than I would like to be pushed. Having a child at a young age 
has also changed me for the better. I no longer care only for myself but my family as well. I'm still overcoming obstacles day by day, just as I write this I have challenges standing in my way but I'm only navigating towards happiness. How is Day 2 for you?

Lipstick & Love, 

Xoxo Erica 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Lipstick & Love Happiness Challenge: Day 1

Well Hello to Day 1 of my #LipstickandLove HAPPINESS Challenge. I created this challenge not even knowing and still not knowing if anyone will even participate or care but it's one that I believe will not only be very beneficial to myself but I want to inspire others as well. 

Happiness is a state of being, it is what we need to practice each and every day so that eventually it can come natural in our life even in discouragement and frustration. Happiness is a fulfilled connection with ourselves and our relationships with others. 

I want to experience true Happiness. At times I'm so overwhelmed with life that I have so many feelings balled up inside and it results in unhappiness. 

Day 1 is dedicated to my son. A talented, amazing, mannerable kid. He's so bright and full of imagination. My child shows unconditional love to me at all times. When I'm down he always lifts me up. He is such a happy camper and I love him. I'm getting happy just thinking about this amazing gift from God. I'm glad to be his parent. 

What are you happy for today? Join me I'm the challenge :) 

Lipstick & Love, 
Xoxo Erica 



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